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Start Date : 05/12/20

Tuition: : $99.00

Description : Gourmet cooking doesn't have to stop if you're concerned about the environment. Learn to get your ingredients local with "Farm-to-Table" and cooking sustainably...  (More)

Start Date : 02/29/20

Tuition: : $89.00

Description : Take both the beginning and intermedate colored pencial art classes and pay only $89!

Start Date : 03/03/20

Tuition: : $129.00

Description : It's time to take your cooking to the next level! The Cooking Academy series combines three classes designed to take your cuisine from plain to extraordinary. T...  (More)

Start Date : 03/14/20

Tuition: : $99.00

Description : Flowers have adorned human life from the beginning of time. All important events in our life are associated with flowers. No celebration is complete without flo...  (More)

Start Date : 02/19/20

Tuition: : $1,195.00

Description : Supervisors and managers are key assets in every company and their ability to communicate effectively, manage projects and people, and build a productive team a...  (More)

Start Date : 03/05/20

Tuition: : $59.00

Description : You scrimped and saved and now you're ready for retirement! Or, are you? Join this series and get your financial house in order with "Taming Your Personal Finan...  (More)

Start Date : 02/24/20

Tuition: : $199.00

Description : Our local technology expert, Kim Cottle, is here to educate you about today’s gadgets! Each class is limited in size so that all attendees receive personal atte...  (More)

Start Date : 02/25/20

Tuition: : $135.00

Description : We know you're going to love learning about sign language; save time and money by enrolling in both classes now! Pay just $135 for both the beginning and interm...  (More)

Start Date : 02/12/20

Tuition: : $225.00

Description : For the full artistic experience, enroll in both "Watercolor 1" and "Watercolor 2" and pay only $225!

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